Strategic Planning Speaker, Erica Olsen

Strategy Consultant and Facilitator for your next keynote or symposium

Looking for a strategic planning speaker to deliver an address at your organization’s next event? OnStrategy’s VP of Marketing, Erica Olsen is your best choice. Whether you’re interested in a keynote address that will motivate and unite your organization behind the need for a powerful strategy, or you’re interested in an in-depth class for your executive team, Erica can make it happen.

About Erica Olsen

Strategy expert Erica Olsen is author of Strategic Planning for Dummies and the founder and Vice President of OnStrategy, developers of the online strategic planning and implementation solution,

An engaging public speaker, Erica is frequently requested to address businesses, associations and governmental organizations on strategy and management because she makes traditionally dry or confusing subjects easy to understand and even entertaining.

A frequent lecturer at the University of Nevada, Reno and University of Phoenix, Erica holds a BA in Communications and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird.

Speaking Topics

The Art of Implementation: How to Make Faster Decisions and Maintain Momentum

It’s half way into 2008 and times are tough-how is your business’ performance? If you are similar to the majority of business owners, managers and executive directors, you’d probably like to be further along towards accomplishing the goals in your strategic plan. A strategic plan provides a business with the roadmap it needs to pursue a specific strategic direction and set of performance goals, deliver customer value, and be successful. However, this is just a plan; it doesn’t guarantee that the desired performance is reached any more than having a roadmap guarantees the traveler arrives at the desired destination.

That is where the art of execution comes in. Learn how to keep the momentum of your strategic plan alive through helping yourself and your team make the right decisions faster. Remember-success (or failure) is the sum total of your daily decisions. Whether you have a strategic plan or not, this session will provide you with practical tools to boost your business performance.

Execution: How to Transform Your Organization Through Strategic Management (Two Day Class)

Day One: Strategic Planning 101 – Learn the system that keeps CEO’s and all-star managers on track all year
When it comes time for review, will you hit your numbers? Will you have achieved your key initiatives? If you are similar to the majority of business owners, managers and executive directors, you’d probably like to be further along towards accomplishing your goals. Participants will learn a one-day strategic planning process that will guide you in developing a workable plan for your organization. The result is to get everyone in your organization pulling in the same strategic direction.

Key Topics:

  • How to establish a culture of implementation
  • Effective meetings: what to track and how to get status reports from your people
  • Best practices to execute your plan and achieve your results

Your Role as an Outsourced Chief Strategy Leader

Are you looking to expand your services or skills to your toolkit? How about a new title? By thinking about yourself as “Outsourced Chief Strategy Officers,” you can not only add more value to your clients’ businesses, you become an invaluable and indispensible resource. Why? Because you are taking on a position that is growing across corporate America, but that many businesses cannot afford to bring in house. Come learn how you’re the perfect fit and how to move from a transaction to a strategic relationship with your clients.

Participants will learn move into the role as the outsourced Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) by understanding the key activities of this position and how to apply them to any engagement. Whether you are strategic planning, process planning, project planning, or all of the above, you will learn how to apply strategic thinking and results as if you were an in-house CSO. (Think this is only for the Fortune 100 – think again!)

The workshop objectives are:

  • Understanding how to apply 50% effort to strategy development, 50% effort to execution
  • Strategically thinking about Horizon Two (not One or Three, but Two)
  • Fluidly adapting any strategy to fit the ever increasing competitive landscape
  • Learn what execution really is and how to make strategy and execution continuous not periodic
  • Continuous have a line of sight towards sustainable growth in everything you do for your clients

Rave Reviews

“I just wanted to write to you to thank you for running the “Strategic Planning 101″ event last night.  It was a great event and your presentation was exactly what we were hoping for.  You not only covered the foundational elements of strategic planning, but also applied that knowledge during the course of the event with the group discussions.”

“Not to belabor the fact that everyone has chimed in, but it was a really good session.”

“I appreciated you presentation and wanted to follow up with you.”

“Great presentation today!”

“I really enjoyed your workshop on strategic planning.  You did a great job of unpacking a lot of key concepts in a limited amount of time.”

“I truly enjoyed your presentation and it was perfect timing for me.  I had a business partner up until 8/07 and am redesigning my company’s mission, etc.”

“Loved, loved, loved your preso today.”